Antenna Network Components Course

Course Length: 2 Days


NONE, This course can be customized to meet specific customer requirements and is offered on-line to introduce the concepts prior to hands on training.

Course Objectives:

Students taking this course will learn how the components of antenna networks are designed, installed and maintained. The course will cover individual network elements of mobile, cellular and microwave antenna networks; why they are used and how they combine to provide a complete antenna network. Additionally, the course will provide information on tuning and alignment procedures and requirements.

Antenna Networks

  • What is an antenna network
  • Why they matter
  • Transmission lines – review
  • Antenna test equipment
    • Sweep equipment
    • Scaler analyzer
  • Frequency spacing
    • Why it is required
    • Benefits – problems

    Key Components

  • Antenna filters
    • Bandpass
    • Band reject
    • Notch
  • Filter types
    • Construction
    • Purpose
  • VSWR & isolators
  • Insertion Loss
  • Testing requirements

Receive Antenna Networks

  • Pre-select filters
  • Receiver equipment filters
  • Notch filters

TX-RX Isolation

  • Decibel overview
  • The need for isolation
    • Active intermodulation
    • Passive intermodulation
    • Component isolation
    • Frequency isolation


  • Antenna duplexes
  • Antenna combiners
    • Combiner components
    • How they are designed
    • How they are installed
    • How to test a combiner
  • Why use band reject filters

Filter Tuning

  • The filter shape
  • turning band reject filters