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Comm Tech Fundamentals
Wireless Data Services: This manual is a short course in wireless data including the 802.11 standard.  Additionally, it discusses digital modulation in this environment and how radio signals propagate in closed structures such as buildings. This manual is part of the DT..
Distributed Antenna Systems Fundamentals - DAS
Distributed Antenna Systems - DAS, is perhaps the fastest growing segment of the wireless industry.  DAS systems are required in most new large venue or building construction and have become the tool for high speed coverage of 4G and LTE wireless applications.  Thi..
Fiber Optic Fundamentals
This course and the supporting manual are designed for technicians who install and maintain small fiber networks. This is a great course for cellular tech’s and those in private networks with fiber cable. The Manual covers the fundamentals of fiber optic cable various ..
Fiber to the Antenna - FTTA
Fiber optic cable has become the basis of high speed data transport around the world.  With the integration and installation of Long Term Evolution (LTE) as a wireless 4G technology, getting high speed data closer to the antenna has become very important. This manual is..
Gig-E Backhaul for Wireless Technicians
This manual and associated course is designed to provide skills training for those responsible for the Installation, testing and maintenance of Ethernet based services; commonly called Gig-e or back-haul services in wireless and LTE networks.  This manual will cover Eth..
Intro to Telecommunications
This manual is part of the DTS series on an Introduction to Telecommunications.  The series contains analog and voice circuits, signaling in an analog world and cabling standards for common telecommunication and Internet Protocol-IP based networks.  This manual sup..
Microwave Fundamentals
Our microwave courses are designed for technical and non-technical students who install, maintain or provide management support of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and mesh microwave radio systems. Our courses and manuals cover major areas of importance including, analog..
Passive Intermodulation Testing - PIM
Passive Intermodulation has quickly become a key element of radio site commissioning and testing.  Passive Intermodulation also known as PIM has been around since the beginning of radio and has become a major performance issue for wireless carriers.  As the wireles..
Radio Antenna Systems
This manual is a combined document of 7 modules available separately in the Amazon store.  This course is available on-line (see our on-line offerings) and this manual is an excellent student guide supporting the e-learning version. The manual (and course) begin with Ra..
Spectrum Analyzer Fundamentals
This course and the accompanying manual introduce students to the principals of spectrum analysis and radio interference. The core focus is how to operate a spectrum analyzer, and interpret the results. It is also a great refresher for experienced technicians who need to fil..
Transport Systems
This course and manual covers the three core layer one ingredients of telecommunication transport which are T1, DS3 and SONET networks. One or more of these elements are part of almost every network and provide connectivity throughout the system. The manual can be purchased ..