DTS Learning Management System 

DTS On-line Training currently provides both Safety and Technical Training web based courses. DTS’s “Working with RF Energy” on-line training course is one of the most successful RF Safety compliance training programs in the wireless industry. As much as we like WWRF, times have changed and Worjkng with RF Energy has become our first Legacy training course.  It is still available for those who would like to request it.  A new RF Safety compliance course "RF and Laser Safety for Wireless" was released earlier this year and is considered one of the best online courses DTS has ever produced.  

Our Technical Training courses, based on our live training catalog, provide a unique, imaginative and practical learning path for you to fulfill your technical training needs. Pre-requisite and self-directed learning material as well as fully developed completion programs are available. The course offerings are being updated regularly. For more course information and multiple seat discounts, please contact DTS via our sales link sales@doverts.com.

On Line Training often complements or enhances DTS' Live Training Components.  Our live Training components are; In House Training; courses taught for a specific customer or sponsored by a specifc customer or  combination of customers..   Open Enrollment Seminars; regularly scheduled training seminars that are held on a nationwide basis, on a variety of topics. Check out our website for dates, times and descriptions.  Coming Soon:  Webinars and Podcasts will be joining our portfolio as another avenue for delivering high quality "live training seminars"  to our customers...Stay Tuned ...

Available courses

Working with RF Energy

Course Objectives:

Required training for any worker who might encounter Radio Frequency (RF) non-ionizing exposure in the workplace.  Subjects include regulations and RF standards, types of radiation and hazard assessment including the use of wireless devices. The Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) standard, signage and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are also discussed.  Students taking this course are required to complete an on-line final review quiz in order to receive a completion card or certificate via the DTS on-line learning system.

RF and Laser Safety for Wireless

RF and Laser Safety for Wireless – is a one-hour on-line course designed for all workers who might come in contact with or be exposed to radio frequency radiation (RFR), in the course of their work.  The course covers four areas aimed at training the worker and general public including, who regulates this industry and potential hazards, what is the hazard, recognizing the hazard and mitigating the hazard.  A quiz is available upon completion of the training material, and a wallet card and certificate can be immediately downloaded upon successful completion of the quiz.  The training is good for one year from the date of the card..

Intro to Telecommunications

Course Length: On-line 2 Hours

Prerequisites: A fundamental understanding of telecommunications transmission principles will be useful for students taking this course.  This course can be customized or combined to meet specific system requirements.

Course Objective: This course is for technical and non-technical students who are new to telecommunications. This is introductory material with day one covering a technical math review; followed by voice and data services including wiring standards.  This is a great course for managers and supervisors with little technical experience. 

Radio over IP

Course Length: On-line approximately 3 hours, 3 Modules

A fundamental understanding of telecommunications transmission principles will be useful for students taking this course. This class is available as an instructor led class.

Course Objectives:
Radio over IP (Internet Protocol) is a three module course designed to show how two-way radio traffic is now being transported over IP networks.  The course will include an overview of RF and radio waves and antenna systems including propagation loss and antenna gain. There will also be a discussion on regulation and unlicensed vs licensed systems.  The course will focus on deploying IP based networks over various radio services and the migration of transport technologies such as T1 into the Ethernet/IP world. Where applicable vendor equipment can be discussed.


Course Length: Approximately 1 hour.


Prerequisites: A fundamental understanding of IPv4 and packet switching principles will be useful for students taking this course.


IPv6 web usage has nearly doubled since June 2012 and is predicted to reach half of all web traffic within 6 years. This course will introduce IPv6 addressing, routing schemes and packet types, along with IPv4 addressing in IPv6 networks.

Radio Antenna Systems

Course Length: Approximately 60 -90 minutes per module.

This is the Complete Course, which includes all 7 course modules; a unique look at the use of radio and its changing role. The full course is designed for those new to radio services and includes a general overview of terms, followed by a module on Radio Propagation, Transmission Lines and Antennas. Each module has a completion examination at the end recorded by our Learning Manager System (LMS) and completion certificates are available. The course can be taken in short segments and re-started at any time 24/7. A full glossary of terms is available via our LMS and short glossary is embedded within each module. A detailed description for each module is available by clicking individual links shown below.

T1 Fundamentals

his course covers four important subjects related to the installation and maintenance of T1 Telecommunication circuits and networks. Course material includes, T1 Networks, T1 Fundamentals, T1 Installation and Maintenance, and T1 Errors and Alarms. Each module of the course takes about an hour to complete and having your T1 test equipment available is a plus, as this course encourages the use of test equipment; proper operation and results interpretation. THIS COURSE IS ETA APPROVED. this is an excellent prerequisite to live training and will familiarize the student with key components of T1 networks and how they work.

Radio Over IP - RoIP

A 3 Course Module instruction on RoIP, What is , How It operates How to maintain a system.  This is Module 1 of a three module Course.

RoIP for Sales and Account Managers

Welcome to this Dover Telecommunications online course titled Radio over Internet Protocol or RoIP for sales and account managers.   This short course will help sales folks and technical managers who have responsibility for newly deployed or proposed RoIP systems.  A final quiz will be given at the Completion of the course to assist you with important points learned and missed.  Students completing this course will receive a completion certificate and wallet card from our on-line learning manager.  Your scores will be recorded and additional related course modules are available via the DTS website. 


The course likely last about one hour, not including the quiz. The course module also serves as preparation material for two additional modules where the RoIP technology is explored from a technician’s perspective. This material is introductory in scope and serves as an excellent tool for sales personnel wishing to familiarize themselves with RoIP or “mesh networks”, their operation, applications, features and benefits.