Fiber to the Antenna – FTTA manual


Fiber optic cable has become the basis of high speed data transport around the world. With the integration and installation of Long Term Evolution (LTE) as a wireless 4G technology, getting high speed data closer to the antenna has become very important. This manual is designed as a primer or introduction to the student, employee or integrator who must install and test fiber cables on towers and rooftop antenna systems. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and small cells are being deployed using fiber as the backhaul and intermediate data paths. It is critical that during installation of these systems base line tests are conducted to ensure the fiber ends are clean and the loss in the network meets industry standards. Although this material is used by DTS for certification, this manual alone does not constitute certification or replace live training and testing. This is an excellent reference for those who might be involved in the installation, maintenance or repair of fiber to the antenna.

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