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This manual is part of the DTS series on an Introduction to Telecommunications. The series contains analog and voice circuits, signaling in an analog world and cabling standards for common telecommunication and Internet Protocol-IP based networks. This manual supports both live training and a DTS on-line training courses.

Voice, data, and everything internet started with a basic telephone voice circuit called a Plain Old Telephone System – POTS. Development of data as we know it didn’t begin in commercial use until the early 1970’s. This manual is designed to show how the basic POTS circuit works; how the network can detect signaling or call control such as on-hook, off-hook-ringing and busy signals and how to properly test an analog circuit. Much of this technology has now been replaced with Internet Protocol (IP), and Ethernet as the connection standard. Telecommunication cabling standards have also changed over the year. This section covers many legacy cabling standards and the widely used Ethernet 568A and 568B 8-pin RJ connector. This manual supports a DTS on-line technical course and will be offered at no charge on request when purchasing the “Introduction to Telecommunications program on the DTS Learning Management System.

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