Radio Frequency Interference and Mitigation – RFIM manual


Radio Interference has been with us since Tesla, Hertz and Marconi brought radios into service. Radio Interference and Mitigation (RFIM) is a newly designed DTS course and manual with the goal of helping technical personnel find and remove radio interference in all forms. This manual and accompanying course is divided into several distinct sections including, a brief overview of radio fundamentals and propagations. A review of the math surrounding dB and dBm, and how they are used in electronics and a close look at the core elements of radio networks. This if followed by a definition of the various radio interference sources commonly found including the big one intermodulation between radio systems; followed by passive intermodulation (PIM), how to identify PIM and in many cases get rid of it. The remaining sections include an overview and use of filters in radio systems, how to use spectrum analyzers and other direction finding equipment and the use of triangulation for finding spurious radio signals. The final section is a devoted to mitigation techniques, tools of the trade and regulations governing RF interference.

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