SONET Fundamentals manual


Synchronous Optical Networks (SONET) was established as a transport standard under a set of Telcordia (GR-253) and ANSI T1.105 standards in the 1980’s.. The design was to bring uniformity and inter-operability between vendors carrying large data loads over fiber optic cables and other media. SONET is frame based and uses the same architecture between devices within the network. This manual is designed to help those installing and maintaining SONET networks understand the technology, how to look at various operating parameters and correctly troubleshoot large and small fiber, microwave and Copper based SONET networks. SONET is being replaced with Ethernet and Internet Protocol products, however many SONET networks exist and will long into the future. This manual is a great reference for those requiring training on SONET at the technician level. SONET Fundamentals is available as a live course from DTS.

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