Course Length: 1 Days


A general understanding of telecommunication networks and technical math will be useful for students taking this course. This course can be customized to meet specific system requirements.

Course Objectives:

This course introduces the student to radio services and supporting technologies. Modules include an overview of radio service as a transmission media, how transmitters and receivers work, an overview of wave propagation and radio antenna systems. The information is introductory in nature and designed for all audiences.

Introduction to Radio Transmission

  • Why Radio
  • Radio Vs Fiber Vs Cable
  • Broadband Vs Narrowband
  • Bandwidth Defined
  • Attenuation and Noise
  • Radio Regulations in the US

Understanding Radio Equipment

  • Radio Transmitters
  • Carriers & Modulation
  • Radio Receivers

Radio Wave Propagation

  • Maxwell & Waves
  • Wave Attenuation
    • Free Space Loss & Absorption
    • Reflections & Multipath
  • Radio Horizon

Radio Antenna Systems

  • How Antennas Work
  • Antenna Types
  • Antenna Gain & Bandwidth
  • Transmission Lines
  • Grounding Overview
  • Antenna Testing