Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – System (UAV-UAS) Course

Course Overview:

This course covers remote control radio frequency (RF) fundamentals, core RF competencies and supporting technologies for UAV pilots. It is designed to strengthen and create a clear understanding of radio signals and RF interference (RFI) concerns to be considered during the preflight and in-flight risk management process. This class will include hands on student exercises using spectrum analyzers for identifying desired and undesired RF signals of the UAS and flight area. Additionally, radio frequency interference and mitigation of problems in radio environments will be demonstrated.  This class can be customized to meet specific training needs and UAV environments.  Your Instructor for this course is Dane Brockmiller, a licensed UAV pilot and RF professional. 

Course Length:

Two days. Customizable to meet your requirements

Who should attend?

  • Anyone Interested in safe UAV and UAS Operations
  • UAV / UAS Hobbyists & FAA Part 107 Remote Pilots
  • Tower Construction & Field Operation Technicians
  • Construction & Agricultural Organizations considering using UAV’s
  • Utility, Railroad, Telephone & Pipeline Company UAV operators
  • Managers and Supervisors of Technicians Using UAV’s for Photogrammetry
  • Anyone Experiencing UAS Interference or Drone Runaway Issues

You will learn:

  • Radio Fundamentals as Applied to Ground Control Stations and UAV’s
  • Understanding the Various UAV Controller & Aircraft Radio Equipment
  • RF Spectrum, Bands, Bandwidth and Power Levels as Applicable to UAV’s
  • Propagation of Radio Waves in Free Space – How Far is RF Line of Sight (LOS)
  • Antenna Systems Used in Cellular, 2-Way, Microwave and Other RF Applications
  • RF Safety in the Wireless World – Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE)
  • The Use of a Spectrum Analyzer to Determine Signal Frequency & Power Levels
  • RF Congestion, Interference, Noise, Noise Floor, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • Analog vs. Digital Radio Modulation Techniques and Advantages
  • What Affects Signals, Power and Modulation
  • Why Do I lose Control Link, GPS Link and Video Link?

Prerequisites: None – A general technical background is suggested but not required.

Customizable Course: Yes – this course is available in several levels depending on your needs, specific applications, direct interference and signal analysis requirements.

UAV/UAS Technology – Components

      • Accelerometer & Gyroscope
      • Barometric Altimeter
      • PDB Power Distribution Board
      • ESC Electronic Speed Controller
      • Flight & Gimbal Controller Unit
      • Cameras & Sensors
      • Radio & Antenna

Signal Fundamentals

      • GCS – Ground Control Station
      • Analog & Digital RF Signals
      • Transmitter & Receiver
      • Sine Wave, Attenuation, Gain
      • Powers of 10 & Decibels
      • Maximum Permissible Exposure
      • The RF Spectrum – Bandwidth
      • Viewing Signal Spectrum
      • Narrowband & Broadband
      • Signals, Noise & Interference

Radio Frequencies

      • Licensed & Unlicensed Bands
      • ISM & U-NII Bands & Power
      • Bluetooth, HIPERLAN, ZigBee
      • Common UAV-Ham Frequencies
      • Spread Spectrum Advantages
      • Frequency Hopping FSSS
      • FCC Restrictions & Enforcement
      • Spectrum Analyzer & Analysis
      • Future Control Links with 5G LTE

Radio Modulation

        • Modulation Fundamentals
        • AM FM PM
        • Analog vs. Digital Modulation
        • Advantages & Disadvantages
        • SNR – Signal to Noise Ratio
        • BER – Bit Error Rates
        • Modulation Myths & Distances

Signal & Wave Propagation

      • Electromagnetic Wave
      • Radio Horizons & Distance
      • Multipath & Fading
      • Free Space Path Loss
      • RF & Actual Flight Distances
      • Calculating RF Link Budget
      • RC Signal Loss & No RTH
      • Beyond LOS

UAV/UAS and Other Radio Antennas

      • Antenna Fundamentals
      • Polarization
      • Omni vs. Directional
      • Cellular Antennas
      • Panel, Yagi, Dish, MIMO

RF Navigational Aid Frequencies

      • GPS, RTK Fundamentals
      • US, Russia, China, Europe
      • Civilian vs. Military
      • Precision Accuracy

Jamming & Locating RF Interference

      • Is Jamming UAV & GPS Legal
      • FCC Rules on RFI & Jamming
      • Common FCC Violations
      • Loss of Signal and Runaway
      • Too Many Signals
      • RFI Locating & Detection
      • Triangulation Methods

Wireless Myths & Truths

      • Hacking & Adding Channels
      • Extra Channels vs. Distance
      • Hacking Coax & Antennas
      • Boosters & Amplifiers
      • FPV Dual Stream 720/1080i
      • Fly by Phone LTE – 4G vs. 5G
      • Network Latency on FPV
      • FAQ’s about RF & RFI